When you have an adhesive need, you will find our experienced sales representatives are supported by a team of highly skilled technical specialists who can provide prompt, well informed answers and innovative solutions.

Choice Adhesives technicians and chemists are accessible and responsive to your unique application. They offer over one hundred years of adhesive expertise in a broad variety of industrial uses of solvent-based, water-based, canister/aerosol and hot melt adhesives.

We are a leader in the research and development of adhesive products and we devote extensive resources to research and development, enabling us to continuously innovate and improve. Our chemists are professional problem-solvers who can provide you with the adhesive technology essential to keep your company in front of the competition. Located in our R & D center, they are constantly formulating, testing and evaluating new adhesives, striving for excellence, but never overlooking the environmental impact or potential risk to your personnel.