Choice Adhesives does not recommend nor warrant contact cement bonding to existing laminate or melamine surfaces due to the lack of porosity of these substrates.  In the event that it must be done, we suggest following these guidelines for adhering  to these difficult to bond surfaces.

  • Always abrade / sand the existing laminate or melamine with a heavy grit sandpaper to create a better bonding surface for the adhesive to anchor.  As a general rule, the better it is sanded (the deeper the pitted areas), the better the bond will be.
  • Remove all dust from the bonding surfaces.
  • Acclimate the adhesive and existing laminate or melamine to room temperature (65F-90F) prior to bonding.
  • Follow normal contact bonding rules (please see Product Data Sheet for more extensive instructions)
  • Apply adhesive to both substrate sides at recommended dry gram rate per product data sheet, though 100 % coverage is recommended for these surfaces.
  • Allow adhesive to dry until there is no adhesive transfer to the knuckle without exceeding the open time. These substrates are non-porous so it is critical not to trap any solvents in the bond line.
  • Join the two surfaces together and apply uniform J roll pressure across the surface.